We are sacred in our being born.         We are sacred in our living.  We are sacred in our dying.
Rev. Robin Renteria may continue to celebrate these rituals of love
 wherever Life calls her.

For each type of ceremony, Rev. Robin Renteria will meet with you to discover the language, images, and music that hold power and meaning to you, and which best expresses your feelings.  Then she crafts a service which unites your memories and desires into a loving whole. 

She has many sample services and resources of music, poetry and prose to draw from to help  create a ceremony that will fit your and your family's spiritual, religious, and emotional beliefs.  

It's a privilege to her to do this work of love.

Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life
This is an important ritual of remembering.  We bring our loved one into the room in spirit with stories told by their family and friends, music they liked, poetry, hymns, telling all those gathered of their accomplishments, their joys, and their passions, and recognizing with compasion that all of us have only a short time to live our love in life.  

Funeral or Internment Services
A grave side service is the last time to be physically with your loved one.  It has a special reverence that we honor before we must learn to love through the veil that separates us. There are many considerations that fall upon a family planning a memorial service for a loved one.  Rev. Renteria meets with you to learn more about what would be meaningful to honor the love you've shared.  Rev. Robin Renteria has officiated services for people of all faiths in churches, homes, and in nature or in hospice to help the family through final goodbyes.  It is always a labor of love.

Baby Blessings, Baptisms, or Adoption Celebrations
This ceremony celebrates the life of the child and the responsibilities we have as parents, family and communities.  Rev. Renteria gathers with loved ones in homes, churches, parks with godparents, grandparents, friends and siblings to express our commitment to help 
this child grow in body, mind and spirit all the years of their lives.  She creates a ceremony that draws upon poetry, prose, music and art to add texture to the words of the richness of the world awaiting the child and our hopes for them. Together Rev. Renteria and the family create a matrix of love and intention that surrounds and embraces the child.
Her fees for these celebrations of life and love vary depending on the time she spends creating them and what the family needs her to do.  For a Celebration of Life, if she writes the eulogy for the loved one, if there is a graveside service in addition to the church or home service, if there are many people to interview or coordinate with, or if there is significant travel for any type of service, then she adds an incremental cost to cover the additional time required.  

rev. Robin Renteria, Sarh P duke Gardens, Durham, NC
Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life
Funeral or Internment Services
Baby Blessings, Baptisms or Adoption Celebrations
Reverend Robin Renteria, Ph.D. 
Wedding Minister   

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