Over half of today’s marriages will 
end in separation.
That's a fact!

By taking a marriage preparation program you're cutting your chances of divorce by an amazing 30%.  Premarital counseling and education also correlates 
to higher satisfaction in and 
greater commitment to the marriage.  
What important conversations haven't you had.  Take the time now!

The following are some of the topics of greatest importance to our happiness in relationships.
  • Money   How do we allocate our resources?  Who decides on spending?
  • Career   Whose is more important when it comes to choices?
  • Sex   How often?  How varied? Monogamous? Spontaneous/scheduled? 
  • Children   Yes or no?  When, how many?  Who disciplines and how?
  • Holidays   With extended family?  Whose traditions are honored?   
  • Vacations   What is leisure?  How much money is spent?
  • Families   How much in our lives? How do we do:  visits?  boundaries?
  • Religion   Do we observe a religion?  Will our children be raised in a faith?
  • Communication   How do we disagree?  How do we express wants and needs? 
         What's not ok when we argue?  What are private signals when we're with others?
  • Drugs/Alcohol   Are there any rules?  What’s moderation?
  • Older Parents/Siblings   What do we feel we must do: care for them, pay for care? 
  • Relationships with Other People   Entertaining? Expectations?  Friendships? 
  • Living Situations   Neatness?  Dividing chores and responsibilities?
  • Wedding   Who does what?  How much is family involved?
  • Pets   Have or not?  What kinds are ok?
  • Alone Time   How do we each recharge our batteries?  De-stress?  Get back to peace?
  • Deal Breakers   Under what conditions or circumstances will you NOT stay in the marriage?
  • Renewing Your Commitment  How will you create ongoing intimacy and shared understanding in your marriage?
Premarital Counseling
Marriage is a journey into unknown land, the land of deepening trust and intimacy amid all the changes and stresses of a life well lived. Could you use help clarifying important topics, navigating change with humor intact, improving communication, or deepening in your understanding of love and marriage?   Marriage is always a work in progress!

Besides being a minister and officiant, Rev. Robin Renteria has an M.Div. in pastoral counseling and is well qualified to help you.

Life shrinks and expands 
in proportion to one's courage.          
~ Anias Nin
As a non-denominational wedding minister, UU minister, wedding officiant and counselor, Rev. Robin Renteria primarily serves Orange, Durham, Wake, Chatham, and Alamance counties and the towns of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough, Cary, Mebane, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Apex, Bahama, Burlington, and Efland. 
Rev. Robin Renteria doesn't require marriage enrichment sessions,  
but she highly recommends them.

She offers premarital counseling programs for religious and non-religious couples.  She facilitates the Prepare-Enrich program (www.Prepare-Enrich.com), or if you have specific desires in mind, she follows your lead. Prepare-Enrich custom tailors sessions based upon an online questionnaire each of you takes that's wonderfully effective in identifying areas of strength and growth on ten different topics.  Then she works with you with proven tools and resources to make your relationship easier and more satisfying. 
Rev. Robin Renteria offers three 60, or two 90 minute sessions, days or evenings. 
For couples she marries the cost is $275, for all others, the cost is $295. 
Reverend Robin Renteria, Ph.D. 
Wedding Minister   

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