Decisions best made before the rehearsal are:

  • Will grandparents and/or parents enter ceremonially? Will there be ushers?
  • Who is in the wedding party?  Who will carry the rings?
  • How many seats need to be set aside for family?  Are they clearly marked?  
  • Are blended family considerations taken into account in the seating?
  • Where will the musicians be located and how will they be cued?
  • How will the wedding party enter and in what order?
  • What props (like wine or candles) are needed during the ceremony?  Who will bring them?
  • Will candles be exposed to possible wind or breeze?
  • Where will flowers or decorations be placed relative to where the wedding party stands?
  • Does the officiant need a microphone to be heard over ambient noise?
  • Do the wedding couple want to have a microphone?
  • For outside weddings, where will the sun be during the time of the wedding?
  • If there is a videographer, where will the camera be placed?
  • Will there be a receiving line after the ceremony?
  • When will photographs be taken?
  • In a legalized marriage ceremony, who will the legal witnesses be?

And -  Rev. Robin Renteria can accommodate last minute changes!
As your wedding minister or wedding officiant, Rev. Robin Renteria recommends rehearsals for ceremonies with
  • children, 
  • more than one attendant,
  • formal seating of family, 
  • lots of logistical elements, 
  • complex processionals,
  • simply if you want the peace of mind!

In the rehearsal, she guides the process, and defers in all decisions to you!  

   The wedding ceremony is a ritual, 
not a performance.  
  We rehearse to leave performance fears behind and to remember that we are here, 
simply and joyfully, 
to celebrate your love!

Wedding Rehearsal Information
Reverend Robin Renteria, Ph.D. 
Wedding Minister   

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Reverend Robin Renteria
Arron and Rachel's wedding rehearsal
at The Cotton Room.
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